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Our story


The l’écrevisse (crayfish) company saw the light of day in June 2007. This family company, directly located under the pavillon de la marée (Seafood Pavillion) of the MIN (Market of National Interest) of Rungis, offers its services to wholesalers, fishmongers, caterers and mainly to the French catering industry (brasseries, traditional restaurants and great starred chef restaurants).
Thanks to its experience and dynamism, all year long the team makes use of its savoir-faire to satisfy its customers orders, on the whole range of sea products (marine fish, freshwater fish and farmed fish, live shellfish (crustaceans, shellfish, salted fish products and frozen products).
The products are rigorously chosen and bought (Brittany, Scotland, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden) in order to guarantee top freshness and quality.
Every aspect of the process is up to sanitary standards, the company is able to ensure a total traceability of the products that are sold, this system is validated by the veterinarian services registered under approval number 94.065.132.


Our products





All our range of salted products such as smoked salmon, prawns, caviar… is available all year long as well as crabs, spider crabs for sizes comprised between 400g and 2kg.

We also offer the whole range of shellfish, according to the different fishing or production seasons, oysters, scallops, clams, mussels, knives.





Frog legs

We offer an exceptional quality of fresh frog legs, displayed, in 12 pairs on a skewer, Parisian cut.






Norway lobster/Langoustine

We import our Norway lobster directly from Scotland and Denmark, where the quantities of fish are still enough to ensure a daily supply, with a widely acknowledged product quality.


Crab claws









We sell 2 species


  • The common lobster,, (Homarus grammarus ou vulgaris), dit homard breton, qui peut mesurer jusqu’à 50 cm. Sa carapace est vert-bleu avec des taches plus claires. Nous stockons dans nos viviers toute la gamme de tailles, de 450 g à plus de 2 kg, calibrés à 50 g près par nos soins.
  • The Canadian or American lobster (Homarus americanus) is brown orange; its claws are almost flat. Canada has developed a whole industry around fishing. We offer three sizes: chix (400/450 g), quarter (500/600 g) and halves (600/700 g).



We sell 4 species



  •   European Crayfish: (astacus astacus): a species endemic to France. Size : 20 pce/kg.
  •  White-clawed Crayfish from Turkey and Eastern Europe. Size: 5/10 pce/kg, 10/20 pce/kg, 20/30 pce/kg.
  • Signal Crayfish
  • CrayfishNarrow-clawed (astacus leptodactylus): from Turkey and Europe.


Spiny lobsters/Langoustes

We sell 3 species


  • Spiny lobster/Langouste (Panilirus regius), from Brittany or the Mediterranean sea, which can weigh up to 3 kg. We sell all sizes, from 600 g to 2 kg/+, all year long, according to availability.
  • Pink spiny lobster (Palinirus mauritanicus), from West Africa, is also sold all year long, and can reach up to 3 kg.
  • The Cape spiny lobster

All our products are of irreproachable quality and are controlled according to current standards.


50 C Allée de St Malo
BP 50121, 94519 RUNGIS



Tel:  01 46 86 41 91
Night tel:  06 14 33 63 82
Fax: 01 46 86 73 85